"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disneye
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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Darlene Shuma Mitchell.  I'm glad you stopped by to visit.  Welcome!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am an Entrepreneur and a Professional Network Marketer.  The way to abundance for me has been though a home business.  It has transformed my life and my family’s life.  But more on that later.

My goal is to associate with like minded, positive people who are looking to own their own lives.  People who are interested in learning how to build long term solid relationships and friendships.  I love networking with other successful people and those who are interested in improving their lives.

My most Powerful Intention is to attract abundance in all of my life and all that I do!

As a student of The Secret and the Law of Attraction, I believe that we all manifest what we are focused on RIGHT NOW in our lives.  This has been so empowering to me because I realize that I can change whatever is "not quite right" simply by changing my focus and thoughts.

Remember, we all get lost sometimes, and changing your focus and thoughts toward the positive will always help you find the way you need to follow to get what you want and need from your life.

Are you happy, joyful, peaceful, and grateful? 

Everyday is a gift and I am grateful and thankful that I have taken the steps in my journey into a life of prosperity. I have learned to appreciate where I am today while remaining focused on where my vision will take me tomorrow.

One of my greatest goals is to create an atmosphere of harmony and prosperity for my Family, Partners and Friends.

I am happy, thankful, and GRATEFUL and know that each step that I take is a part of my Life's Purpose.  

I value Honesty, Integrity and Abundance.  With these values, all other values naturally fall into place. 

My Story:

I was born in Nanticoke, PA and have lived in this area of PA most of my life. For about 8 years, I lived in Montgomery, PA, a small community just south of Williamsport, which just happens to be the Little League Capital of the World.

My background is in Commercial Insurance, Commercial Construction, and Accounting.  For 28 years, I worked outside the home in corporate America

All of the jobs I had were service oriented and as jobs go, they were all great paying.  I enjoyed the work I did, but did not enjoy all the time I spent away from home.  Do you relate to this?

Even though I wasn’t looking for anything different,  in May of 2004,  I accidentally found a business that fit right into what I  never knew I wanted  in my life.  

One thing I have learned is this - everything has to be about more than just the money. To be successful, you must be committed to helping those who are committed to helping themselves!  Another service oriented purpose in life.  This I can do.

Today, with the Internet and a solid system for using it, the sky is (not) the limit!  I can reach out to people all over the globe and touch their lives.  Isn’t it amazing.

It doesn't matter what your background is, or what your experiences  in the past have been, if you have the desire, and the commitment, you will be successful in whatever you do.  You just have to make that choice, make the commitment and focus on getting it done and knowing it WILL happen.

Remember, focus on what you want and it WILL show up!  Remember “The Secret”.  It’s the Law of Attraction.


I encourage you to explore my personal website and gather all of the facts, details and ideas I can share with you.  You can also request a business opportunity packet to be sent to you.  If you have a few minutes now, and have hi-speed internet connection, watch my online video presentation now.  This is the ticket that changed my life.


I love networking and meeting other successful people.  Those who aspire to be successful leaders that are interested in improving their lives.

I truly believe in the Law of Attraction.  Do you? 

As Walt Disney said  "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Will you pursue your dreams?

I am Thankful and Grateful for everything I have in my abundant life.

Darlene A. Mitchell

Visit my website.


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